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Self Mastery Online Program

Combination of:

  • Transformational Online Emotional Intelligence Course
  • Optional 1-2-1 Coaching
  • PEEQ Membership

The Self Mastery program is a journey of self discovery. The program takes many of our most effective in-person leadership coaching techniques and guides you through an online program of self-coaching for elevated emotional intelligence. This program can be supported by an in-person coach and can be completed independently of in-person coaching, delivered through PEEQ, our brand-new leadership coaching platform. 

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Online Program

Online Self Mastery Program

Self Mastery is a 12 module online program designed to elevate emotional intelligence, improve self-awareness and reveal and conquer blindspots within your leadership. Each step of this self-led program offers video and audio coaching alongside leadership and emotional intelligence exercises focused on transforming your belief systems for improved leadership performance.

The Luminary Mindset Self Mastery Program focuses on leadership capability. How do you, as a leader and coach, support performance within your organisation? How do you let go of control? How do you become a more emotionally intelligent leader, so that you can lead people in a way that means they are more emotionally intelligent and they are more effective? In this program we guide you to look at your current belief system and how that influences your leadership.

We will explore your lifestyle choices and what you consume, how this impacts your leadership and behaviour. We will support you with tools and techniques to become more self-aware (which wont always be comfortable) of who you are being as a leader and how that is impacting others. To be able to lead others and become a leader who can coach and empower others, we must first master our own personal development.

Discover PEEQ

Make the Most of the PEEQ Network

Get the complete online coaching experience with PEEQ. To Access the Self Mastery Program, you'll need to register and sign up to PEEQ, our brand-new digital coaching app, where the Self Mastery course is embedded. Alongside and following completion of the Self Mastery Program, continue your leadership development journey by making the most of the PEEQ network. Here, you'll find exclusive monthly live Masterclasses, Group Coaching Sessions, emotional intelligence and leadership content and resources, an incredible network of global leaders to connect with and so much more. 

Self Mastery

Self Mastery Online Program Includes:

  • • 12-Module interactive self-led online course

    • 50+ Video and audio lessons from CEO and Founder, Zoe Williams

    • 25 Self-led workshop exercises and tasks

    • Quiz sections for each module of the program to track your learning 

    • 125 page interactive online workbook

    • 25 Reflective questions to further your thinking 

    • 30+ Further reading resources

    • 7 Self development tools

    • Access to 1-2-1 sessions with expert coaches

Who is the Self Mastery Program for?

  • Anyone looking to elevate personal emotional intelligence
  • Leaders seeking to enhance the EQ of their teams
  • Leaders looking to uncover blindspots within their leadership to action real change within themselves and their wider organisations
  • Leaders seeking to identify their true strengths and unlock unlimited performance potential at work and in their personal lives

Expected Results?

  • Elevated emotional intelligence
  • An enhanced understanding of leadership skills and strengths, as well as areas for improvement and transformation
  • Understanding of belief systems and the link between our brain, nervous system and performance
  • Unlocked performance potential

CEO And C-Suite ‘Setting The Tone’ Connect Series

  • Webinars
  • Connect Series
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Cultural Tone

Inside the course

Inside Self-Mastery

The Self Mastery online program is designed and led by CEO and Founder, Zoe Williams. Created as a tool for both individual leaders and teams, the course can be used to help uplift both personal emotional intelligence and leadership skills and those of full teams and departments in all levels of the organisation. Inside the course, discover our 12 modules of learning:

How To Get The Most Out Of This Program

The foundation to your Self Mastery success. In module 1, we’ll give you the necessary lifestyle changes required of you for this program to have the maximum impact. We’ll also ask you to commit to a Consumption Audit where you’ll track your caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and water intake for a minimum of 5 days.

Meaning Making and The Impact on Performance

In this module, you’ll find several videos from Zoe that discuss the concept of Meaning Making when linked to decision making, response and choice. Zoe will take you though the Meaning Making Model that we use throughout our coaching at Luminary Mindset™.

Emotional Intelligence in Action

This video lesson, guided audio and workbook module shares how important it is to understand how thoughts you are having influence the actions that you take. You’ll identify the thoughts and feelings you experience the most and the impact they have on your actions.

The Emotional Intelligence System

Break down the system of Emotional Intelligence and how it can be applied to your daily life through video lessons, guided audio and additional PDFs and Fact Sheets.

Why We Resist Change

Preparation for the resistance you may feel when moving through this program. Numerous additional resources are included to support you through this lesson, including a workbook where you can take notes and collect your thoughts on the material covered.

Uncovering Your Blind Spots

Uncover subconscious blind spots that could be affecting your stress levels, relationships, communication skills and more. Coupled with the lesson comes 2 Workbooks.

Our Brain, Nervous System & Performance

This video lesson brings to life the relationship between your thoughts, what you make them mean, and the way this meaning drives your hormonal system. Supporting you with this lesson is a guided audio and workbook with exercises that are designed to help you become more self aware of how your thoughts and emotions can and do influence your physical and mental state.

Emotions & Consciousness

This module breaks down the Levels of Consciousness Table and shares with you the common language we use at Luminary Mindset™ and the impact that it can have on performance. Here, you will elevate your self awareness and discover which area of the 'comfort zone' you spend the most time in.

Strengths & Identifying Breakthrough Areas

At Luminary Mindset™ we believe that you should focus more on developing your strengths, rather than your areas of 'weakness’, which this module helps you to unpack.


Explores where your beliefs come from, how they influence your thoughts and emotions, and how that can impact your performance. A guided audio, workbook and exercises are designed for you to uncover your beliefs and reflect on your discoveries.


A personal story from CEO and founder, Zoe Willians that brings to life how the insights and materials within the Self Mastery online program were created.

The End

A celebration of your commitment to Your Self Mastery Journey.
This program was designed to be self-directed and participants are encouraged to take as much time as needed to process, reflect and implement the tools learned into your leadership practice and daily life. The Luminary Mindset coaches are here to help in any way you need to make the most of the Self Mastery program. Simply reach out at any point of your journey with questions or queries on any material within the course.

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