Uplift Program

Senior Leadership Culture Uplift Program

Combination of:

  • Webinars
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • PEEQ® Membership

Senior leaders are often not aligned around a common performance culture narrative. At this level in the organisation, sub-cultures start to emerge and individual leadership styles can influence the performance of each department leaving this department vulnerable to ‘leader-dependent performance’.


Workshops & 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching

The Senior Leadership Culture Uplift Programs are designed to support leaders in identifying their own leadership behaviour that may be ‘blocking’ a performance culture being in place across the organisation. This program then brings this dialogue into group format where cross-functional groups work on the sub-cultures they are creating that may be hindering performance.

This program meets the needs of the top 50 leaders in an organisation that report into the C-Suite. We work with the senior leaders on an individual basis by offering 1-2-1 leadership coaching which is an ‘opt-in’ model.


Performance Culture

  • The value in working with the senior leadership team directly is the creation of ownership of the performance culture across the organisation. While tone should be set by the CEO and C-Suite leaders, ownership and accountability for leading this through all the business performance activity occurring across the organisation should reside firmly with the senior leaders.
  • We ensure that tone setting at the top by the CEO and C-Suite is then aligned with the work we do at a senior leadership level creating clear alignment and consistency in the cultural narrative. This ensures powerful activation of the desired performance culture across the organisation.

Connect Series

Senior Leadership Culture Uplift Program includes:

  • 1-2-1 coaching for all senior leaders as an ‘opt-in’ model - we believe in coaching leaders who are willing participants who have leaned into the opportunity - this is our ‘pull model’
  • Online group webinars to align on current blockers to performance and desirable shifts and alterations needed to elevate performance
  • In-person or online 4 day workshop, integrating the CEO/C-Suite leaders into the conversation to create alignment of the cultural narrative
  • Membership into the PEEQ® Network

Who is the Senior Culture Uplift Program for?

  • This program is to start to embed the required leadership behaviours into the senior leadership teams accountable for executing on the group strategy
  • The C-Suite Connect Series would support and elevate the outcomes of this program if integrated
  • This program is to start to embed the required leadership behaviours into the senior leadership teams accountable for executing on the group strategy
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Expected Results?

  • Senior leadership team activated to embed the performance culture story, language and behaviours into their teams across the group
  • Alignment between the C-Suite designed performance culture and the activation plans at the senior leadership level
  • Alignment between the senior leadership teams who may be shifting from siloed leadership to a more collaborative style of leadership
  • Personal accountability across all of the senior leadership cohort for delivery on the corporate mission, purpose, values and strategy through leadership of culture
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CEO And C-Suite ‘Setting The Tone’ Connect Series

  • Webinars
  • Connect Series
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • Cultural Tone

Cultural Tone

Setting The Cultural Tone At The Top

Cultural Tone

Setting The Cultural Tone
At The Top

Performance Culture

We specialise in supporting Boards, CEOs and Executives in ensuring that they have set the right tone from the top regarding performance culture.

Strategic Outcomes

The ‘right’ performance culture for an organisation depends on the strategic outcomes the Board and CEO are focussed on delivering against to create shareholder value.

Performance Outcome

Performance culture needs to be set as a “Tone from the Top’ and also needs to be agile enough to encourage sub-culture adaptations to meet the performance outcome needs at a local level.


Leaders don’t need to understand the whole organisational ecosystem to create a performance culture, they need to know about their role in the system, the impact their role has and how to consciously create the experience necessary for people to engage and deliver in-line with organisational objectives.

Top Down Culture

Top down cultural custodianship sets the tone, which sets the guide rails for the subcultures of the organisation to operate within. Leaders who understand their role as a cultural custodian and steward of the organisation listen to the organisation more closely. Cultural guide rails from the centre should focus mostly on corporate governance and strategy, purpose, values and expected behaviours.

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