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Upcoming Webinars 2024

A Lesson In Meaning Making

  • Wed 29 May 2024, 10:00 am

This special webinar, hosted by Zoe Williams focuses very closely on the concept of meaning-making.

Linking to our Self Mastery program, we look closely at meaning-making and will run several 'workshop' style exercises live in the webinar to show you how meaning making works AND why it's important to integrate this model into your teams. 

You'll learn:

• How the meaning making model works and impacts actions/thoughts/feelings

• How you can reduce meaning making - tangible tactics - and how this will affect you

• How you can integrate this learning within your teams to create a more empowered team for better communication and overall performance

Key Points To Discuss

  • Meaning making model & impact on actions/thoughts/feelings
  • Reducing meaning making

  • Effect on you and performance

  • How to integrate within teams

Luminary Mindset’s webinars will now be hosted on our new platform PEEQ®. This series of monthly live sessions with Zoe Williams will include interactive discussions, diving deeper into the challenges leaders of today are experiencing, toolkits and workshops to share Zoe’s key techniques and strategies and packed with content and resources to further your performance leadership development and EQ elevation. Zoe will be focused on giving you actionable insights and strategies to combat your key leadership and people challenges and allow you and your teams to maximise performance in today’s uncertain economy.

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Topics we’ll be covering:

  • Key leadership challenges - and actionable strategies

  • Organisational change and transformation

  • Corporate culture uplift

  • Emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • Optimising performance through your people

  • Connection and communication as a leader

How are PEEQ® webinars different?

  • It’s an interactive experience, where you’ll actively participate and learn from everyone in the room.

  • It is NOT a static presentation.

  • It IS a created conversation, designed for group-think and interactive group learning.

  • You will leave feeling inspired, enlightened and ready to implement the real-life, day-to-day strategies that Zoe is going to share with you.