Being a Leader

Wednesday April 26th 2023 // 10am GMT - 5pm AWST - 7pm AEST


Join us as we kick off our brand-new webinar series with Founder and CEO, Zoe Williams. 


The first webinar on April 26th is Being a Leader, as Zoe dives into the choices we make as we decide who we want to be, as a leader. 


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What does it mean to understand who you are ‘being’ as a leader and how that impacts directly on your business performance?


In this interactive conversation hosted by Zoe Williams, we’ll be exploring ourselves as human beings leading organisations rather than the human ‘doings’ that corporations often have us labelled. 


Key Discussion Points

  • Specific examples of performance outcomes linked directly to who you are ‘being’ as a leader.
  • Key challenges faced by leaders that have an impact on who you are, as a leader. 
  • Tools to elevate your self awareness and encourage you to work on ‘who you are being’ as a leader to uplift performance.
  • Striking the right balance between focussing on leadership behaviour (performance lead indicator) and the more tangible aspects of performance management (performance lag indicators).
  • Creating a culture of trust and connection so that addressing leadership behaviour and uplifting culture is safe for everyone.
  • Translating this into your culture and the leadership behaviour across your organisation.

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Don’t miss this insightful discussion with some of the most impactful global leaders of today in attendance. In this interactive session, you’ll be invited to get involved and share your personal experiences and challenges to allow us to learn from one another. This is a session not to be missed by any leader looking to develop their skills and uplift performance on a greater scale. 


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