Leadership Coaching for Mining and Construction

Working with mining companies that span the globe, Luminary Mindset™ is the only leadership coaching and consulting company to focus on this incredibly important and ever-evolving industry.

From mines in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea to South Africa and Canada, the challenges that the mining industry face, in terms of corporate culture, performance and risk management, are just some of the aspects of business that Zoe Williams and her team can support.

Why the Mining Industry?

When building Luminary Mindset™, Zoe’s priority was to make a difference and have the most impact on the largest possible scale. Through a personal story of surviving terminal cancer, Zoe wanted to create a meaningful life, be a force of positive contribution to others and make an impact on the world.

With a goal to touch lives economically, financially, geo-politically, environmentally socially and within wider communities, Zoe landed on the mining industry; a crucial and growing industry that touches millions of lives through all these aspects of humanity.

The mining industry is going to transform the planet with or without us. It’s the industry that is going to shape our environmental landscape for the future. It’s going to heavily influence a lot of global economic factors and has many political concerns and considerations. The biggest impact, however, is on the communities it touches.

Supporting leadership teams within large mining organisations, Luminary Mindset™ is able to play a role in not just maximising shareholder value, but also by elevating performance to optimise the impact they have in every area they touch.

Key Challenges in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is up against external pressures like never before, which makes the work Luminary Mindset™ does more important than ever.

Geo-Political Pressure

Pressure to ensure environmental impact is Geo-political pressures are increasing with many future facing mining opportunities being identified in the less developed countries and continents (Africa, South Americas) where global mining presence may be exposed to harsher policies and quotas to rightly protect the interests of the local and indigenous workforce and communities.

Environmental Impact

Pressure to ensure environmental impact is being carefully managed today and for the future. Innovation, social responsibility and a culture of continuous improvement and restlessness to find solutions to common problems is the diversity of leadership capabilities needed. These are not just reserved for the C-Suite but now at the front line where most of the opportunities to create and protect value are found.

Social & Personal Welfare

Social and Personal welfare and wellbeing matters are at the forefront of the mining industry with significant pressure to address cultures decades old that no longer represent present day awareness of morality, fairness, inclusion and diversity. Mining organisations are trying to identify ways to address leadership and culture issues such as bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and lack of diversity.

Economic Variations

Economic variations in the way that the mining industry must respond to the cyclical nature of commodity prices and the heavy fixed cost base of extracting and producing these commodities. Historically, mining has relied on being able to flex their workforce variable cost to respond to this. The negative impact this has on culture can be counter-productive. This also potentially increases union, community and/or local government pressure to improve the way decisions are made that impact on internal stakeholders and external communities.

Key Challenges in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is up against external pressures like never before, which makes the work Luminary Mindset™ does more important than ever

How Does Luminary Mindset™ Coaching & Consultancy Support Mining Organisations?

Leaders across all levels of an organisation need to be able to navigate these matters, and transform themselves and others into leaders who can adapt, respond and change the way their organisation performs at a cultural level.

This is how people behave, how they think and make decisions, how they communicate and what they believe is the most appropriate course of action to meet all the needs of the organisation. The Luminary Mindset™ Methodologies are designed in line with Mining industry organisational structure, working with top-down and bottom-up teaching methods to elevate emotional intelligence, uplift corporate culture and maximise performance at every level.

Business Performance

Aligned with our leadership and culture uplift programs, Luminary Mindset™ also supports business performance mindset and outcomes.

How to optimise outputs

How to optimise business processes

How to make sure that leadership teams are aligned and focused on the same goals

How to then communicate this down to teams

How to make sure that the crucial conversations are being had

How to make sure that people as leaders are taking personal responsibility and accountability for overall performance and operation

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