Meet Our Partners

Meet the companies, coaches, and consultants we work with.

Chirag Ghelani

Chirag is the founder and CEO of lotus leadership. He comes from a private practice legal background with 12 years’ experience at a top City law firm based in London.

He left the law to set up a successful 1:1 coaching business which focused on helping high achieving individuals to flourish from within (the Lotus Coach). The obvious next step was to start helping organisations to flourish by empowering better leadership. That led to the birth of Lotus Leadership. Lotus Leadership is a global corporate coaching and training provider that specialises in unlocking leadership potential at every level of an organisation. For more information check out:

Ignition Coaching

Ignition Coaching LLC is a career and executive coaching company focused on building resilience and well-being during times of change, whether they be career, leadership, or organizational transitions.

With coaches across the USA, Canada, Asia, Australia and the UK, we work with individuals and companies to find greater personal and professional fulfillment. For more information check out:

Calm Mind Co.

Calm Mind Co. is an organisation of conscious performance coaches for CEO's and executives whose business changes our planet for the better. They upgrade you and your workforce by building resilience, raising your consciousness by using breathwork, mindfulness, meditation and mental strength training.  We increase your productivity, profit and impact by enhancing you and your workforces vitality.

Their mission is to help you achieve your mission by increasing the mental, emotional and physical vitality of the boss, the workforce and therefore every client of our clients. They tailor-make and deliver programs in house, or at remote locations that combine the pillars of mental focus and flow, emotional resilience, functional breathing, somatic body connection and mindset; gratitude, intention, empathy, aligned action and kindness. Their focus is to shift old paradigms of fear, control, oppression and busyness. ⁣ Founded by Amber Hawken and partnered with Brett Robinson, their combined background in medical science, human psychology and behaviour and high-performance coaching for Olympic athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives and CEOs allows them to deliver programs that take the 10%-ers to the 1%ers. For more information check out:

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