The Application of Learning and Development Capabilities

Many organisations invest heavily in learning and development. Luminary Mindset has made a significant investment in it's L&D framework, with impressive modules and knowledge being taught and shared across the firm.

How It Works

With the foundations being taught in Behavioural Psychology, EQ Management, Communication, Trust and being an Inspiring Leader - Luminary Mindset is well on the way to developing a high-performance culture. The missing link with any L&D strategy is often the application of the knowledge - how to then empower and motivate people to apply these skills? Behavioural change is not something we can do alone, and our own behaviour is not something we are often aware of. Behavioural change, especially when being exercised inside a corporation, requires individual and collective coaching and maintenance.

We Focus on empowering people...

Within the organisation to be the catalyst for change - the application of L&D knowledge must be lead internally for it to be sustainable...

The 4 Stages of Learning

The 4 Stages of Learning - we often engage people at a cognitive level which enters them into the 2nd stage of learning 'Consciously Incompetent'. What's missing in many training and development programms is the experiential learning which is the stepping stone from Stage 2. to Stage 3. being 'Consciously Competent'.

Accelerating Change

Behavioural Change Management requires experiential coaching that shifts the collective, group think and accountability culture to create sustaneable change. Luminary Mindset focuses on enabling leadership teams to lead and support the empowerment and change of the performance culture within your organization. The focus will be on experiential learning which is where the sub-conscious changes ocurr, this takes the form of 3 day workshops focussing on different areas of change. There is also a need for sustaining interventions within the live working environment to ensure the changes made during the workshop are embedded. In total a 12 month programme of quarterly workshops and in-house monitoring, coaching and live feedback is the suggested way forward to embedd the already high calibre L&D framework.


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