FIGHT, FLIGHT or FREEZE… Which one of these automatic stress responses do you tend to have when faced head-on with one or multiple of life’s big challenges?

Well, if you didn’t know before 2020 I bet most of you know by now exactly how you react when faced with these types of circumstances.

In this short video, I will talk you through some really important traits to look for if you find yourself or one of your colleagues drifting too far into one of the three categories.

You may already be thinking before you’ve even started watching that, “Obviously FIGHT is the most optimal response when dealing with a threat”. Yes, this is true to a certain point, but what I’m finding when coaching my clients, is that many of the FIGHT responders to 2020 are now experiencing severe burnout and because of their very nature they are still pushing, but of course, harming themself in the long-term.

Now, FLIGHTERS and FREEZERS are just as important to understand because, although they are both somewhat incapacitated or compromised in their roles, you need to have different expectations and approaches in order to help them get back to their physical and emotional baseline.

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