The Mission

We are passionate about people,  simplicity, and creating sustainable change.   We believe that behavior and beliefs are at the core of all human decision-making and actions.   We work with leaders,  to uncover and then design their company belief system, linked to the successful achievement of their company strategic objectives.

We believe that culture drives performance, it is our mission to give leaders the tools,  to be able to see and hear their corporate culture tangibly.   This will then empower people to be able to CHOOSE their culture,  their beliefs and behaviors. We are bringing to leadership,  what has previously been kept within the coaching and consultancy industry.  We want all leaders to be able to coach their organisation from the inside out.

About The Founder

Founder, Zoe Williams' personal and professional experiences have gifted Zoe with a colourful background that has given her a unique perspective.  From living in China-Tibet in the Himalayas training Tibetan nomads in managing money to being a stage IV liver cancer survivor.   Zoe has travelled to over 35 different countries, living with ethnic minority groups and working with Papua New Guineans to develop a culture of performance, Zoe immerses herself in culture and people.

Zoe has also developed a professional career in finance,  then internal audit and risk.  Being appointed head of internal audit for a FTSE250 in her early 30s. Zoe went on to lead audit and risk teams for FTSE120 companies,  she won awards for her innovative approach to internal audit and risk.  Her approach has always been about seeking the root cause of under, and over performance at a belief system and behavioural level.

Her passion for people shines through in everything Zoe does,  she is committed to helping individuals and groups simplify their thinking and decision making so that performance can be obtained with more ease.

Zoe has spent the last 15 years reporting directly to the Non-Executive Board of FTSE250 and FTSE120 companies.  She is now through Luminary Mindset working as a transformation and change consultant to ASX 50 CEOs and C-Suite executives.

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Meet The Team

Meet our team of coaches, consultants, trainers, and facilitators.

Jacqui Holth

I have a passion for supporting personal and team transformation to uncover their truth and guide individuals and companies to make their greatest impact in the world.
I am skilled at revealing blind spots, focusing on the power of perspective and am committed to guiding the process of awareness, growth and sustained change, drawing on personal experience and story telling to elicit lessons and solutions from one environment and assist their application in a vastly different landscape.

I have had the privilege to live, work, travel and adventure all over the world. I have worked with many nationalities and developed a deep understanding of what ignites the human spirit. My talent lays in bringing all the elements together to create inspired transformational experiences one on one, in small or large groups, live or online.

My motto is ‘ I don’t have to sit down because of what someone may think of me, I have to stand up because of what I think of myself’. What is yours?


Jay Mewes

Luminary Mindset’s Marketing Director:
Jay has worked for some of the UK’s top transformational coaching schools. He is responsible for all of our media content, marketing distribution & community management. For questions about our EQ Self-Development program contact

In 2018 I decided to take a leap of faith by leaving my much loved role as a marketing & media director for one of the UK’s largest coach training schools to pursue a life of maximum adventure and creativity.

My new mission?

To focus on what I love to do most – CREATE ART, COLLABORATE + EXPERIENCE.

First stop Australia to link up with Zoe, then onto Thailand, China and USA, but these days you can find me mostly between London and Barcelona.


Heather Arney

organization of tasks, diary and finance management (ie. scheduling webinar/round table events, one-on-one consultations/meetings

Leveraging her skills and experience, she offers one-on-one coaching for personal or business growth and hybrid group coaching and consulting engagements. She works with all levels of organisations, from field workers to executives.


Damian Smith

Damian is our High Performing Teams Coach - He has a rare perspective. Having experienced the ups and downs of very volatile industries. He established teams and recruited leaders in buoyant environments during growth.

He was also involved in the difficulties and the human side of restructuring and downsizing and has always had an innate interest in human nature and how people act and influence each other in times of Change. As a leader and trained coach, he coached his colleagues and direct reports, giving highly credible, real world experience.


Damian Smith is a qualified leadership coach and facilitator, and a recognized commercial finance leader with 20+ years of successfully delivering results throughout the world for some of the biggest brands, in the most challenging of industries. He possesses a unique profile that includes a wide range of experiences in large multinationals and private companies across the decades, from back office to sales; from retail store to Global C-level board room; and today, as a Co-Active Leadership coach.

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