Vision & Mission

To elevate the consciousness of Global Corporate Leaders encouraging an evolved leadership style that creates financial and social value. Educating Leaders in Strengths Coaching, EQ Development and Corporate Consciousness Management to unlock performance and potential in all areas of the business. Ultimately, positively impacting on the lives of the company employees, their families, communities they serve and societies that they impact.

What Is A Luminary Mindset?

Someone who has Strength of character, mind and purpose. Someone who believes in Limitless potential and possibilities. Someone who believes that Freedom empowers people this creates expression, innovation and collaboration. Someone who cares about themself, others and society.



Master your strengths, harness the strength of others and let go of needing to have all the answers. Choose what you want to be a master of, and help others see their own mastery in themselves.


Courageous, fearless, unstoppable individuals and teams. Where boundaries are there to be questioned, limits are there to be exceeded and ideas are created and tested. Listening without judgement, creating collaborative communication through curious questioning. Empowering others vs controlling them.

3. Vision and innovation

Failing fast, to learn and grow, encouraging testing ideas to learn from what doesn’t work as well as what works. No fear culture where people feel inspired and psychologically safe. Trust and care for each other, which creates ideation, innovation and excitement. Being unknowing and curious. Believing the impossible can be made possible.


How A Well Developed EQ Culture Improves Company Performance.

  1. Leaders with well developed EQ have more motivated, committed teams who over deliver on a consistent basis. Developed EQ in leaders creates a culture of innovation which leads to differentiation from competitors, creative problem solving which can results in tangible outputs such as reduce time to market and faster development of products.
  2. EQ is the differentiating factor between successful leaders, as cognitive ability becomes less of a competitive advantage the more senior you become.
  3. Companies who focus on developing their internal EQ, see their teams performing in line with their targets and accelerating milestones due to better decision-making, team collaboration and execution of ideas.
  4. Reduced hours worked, more flexible workforce, less sick days, and better hiring of talent are additional benefits of EQ development.
  5. In a 1996 study of a global food and beverage company, McClelland found that when senior managers had a critical mass of emotional intelligence capabilities, their divisions outperformed yearly earnings goals by 20%. Meanwhile, division leaders without that critical mass underperformed by almost the same amount. McClelland’s ndings, interestingly, held as true in the company’s U.S. divisions as in its divisions in Asia and Europe.


Optimise your people to perform.

  • Fear based scarcity mindset - ‘I’ve got too much to get done and not enough x, y, z’
  • My people aren’t inspired or motivated enough to perform
  • I am trying to do too much myself
  • People don’t understand the vision or what we are trying to achieve
  • There is not enough creativity or innovation for us to get ahead of the competition
  • There are too many people to try and change for the culture to shift
  • We only have a small HR Team and not enough time or money to do this
  • People are afraid of change and their fear is based on past experience
  • Millenials want something different to the traditional corporate offering - how to create a culture that satisfies this? This increases retention and motivation of people.
  • There isn’t enough diversity of thought in the organisation - this is a root cause diagnosis
  • We keep making the same mistakes
  • Our teams are spending all their time in the business not on the business
  • There is very little opportunity for collaborating and co-creating
  • The more we innovate the more work we create - it’s overwhelming
  • Time is a finite resource...


How will having a Luminary Mindset make the world work better for everyone? 1. Addressing corporate fear based culture commonly used to drive outcomes.
  • A. Focus instead on trust and courage.
  • B. shifting a reactive culture to a responsive culture.
  • C. Shifting from a scarcity to abundance mindset.
 2. Elevating Emotional Intelligence across the world. 3. Reducing workplace stress and mental health issues. 4. Awaken Executives to the possibility of elevated corporate consciousness.
  • Well developed EQ is most attributable to excellent performance in the work-place.
 5. Improving the lives of millions and impacting on corporate & social consciousness. 6. Create a global community of inspirational storytelling.


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